Jul 10, 2015 - Innate Love by “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson Wyampum NiiMiiPuu

Would you die with me tonight? Because thoughts of self-immolation
robbed a obligation of historical duty, the weakness of desolation
Relapse because I’ve felt isolated & exiled
an internal vile resentment & unresolved sentiment
Is there humility in your kinship?
Or just a love fallacy?
Circles of unspoken and a broken relationship
Searching for Revolutionary commitment
From peoples’ is like finding a cure
For a disease because too many are self-servant
The colonization legacy
has most of us on hold of identity
few others are redefining redemption
breaking the historical trauma effects with humility
A power of indigenous endurance
of pure grace creating ensured elegance
Separate for the ones sincere
Ones whose tenets are centuries of resistance
That symbolize & carry within themselves a genuine ambition
and dedication from the heart & mind that amplifies for a true revolution
Would you die with me tonight? Do you exemplify
and embody the innate love of indigenous history?
Because the Treaty recognition has some of us isolated & exiled
From our homelands a con of divide & conquer resentment & false sentiment
Awaken in remembrance
Of original history
And those who fought for our righteous place
In this world
Our significance, existence, & recognition
Is beyond comprehension of the linear mind of the western world
Although a slow process
Still rebuilding & profess
To continually search for others
Who have the same restless
Energy that are looking to improve indigenous humanity
that have humility, true kinship, and identify
With indigenous roots and are sincere
Continually adding to centuries of resistance
Growing circles of power and ambition
and dedication to destroy being dehumanized & living revolution

Last Real Indians