May 18, 2015 - Letter to the Creator by Tyrone Ross Thompson


Letter to the Creator

It’s a daily burden to grow stronger
trying and living with a memory
marked by hearsay but searching for power
Although lost self-love
amongst the cycle of inane love
It may seem I lost faith from not standing on sacred
soil but it does not mean the tenet is diminished
it is people who made a committee and had it corrupted
I now understand all the old timers anger
and worshipping from home instead of at longhouses that became political
The homes have grown into qualification & upmanship
of imaginary measurement
a commanded respect instead of humility & kinship
The oppressors world infected our service
part of the indigenous world is hardly a service
To each other one of the elders requests goes ignored
from season to season, year after year
I’m often lost at all that has been damaged
But one action isolated me like a leper
but hasn’t defined how I see the supreme spiritual
Despite it all it infected humility
suicide was a choice and option
the depths of the negative became insanity
Witnessed and experienced like becoming institutionally traumatized
the colonizers mark poisoned us & became historically traumatized
It was others trying to give definition
into indigenous practice like the repression
by invading forces that caused oppression
Questioning if this is unresolved jealously
a transfer of energy that has unknown endurance
But we’re still all connected to everything essential
of life giving sources and laws unwritten
that still guide our supreme Washani spiritual
Even though this society attempts us to be institutionally traumatized
some battling with our lives to destroy being historically traumatized
From season to season, year after year
and this is my letter to the Creator, living & breathing
in defiance of hidden wishes of others I’m still here
Guided by the Washani & continually searching for humility
To improve for self and collectively for indigenous elegance

By “Kuni” Wyampum NiiMiiPuu
Tyrone Ross Thompson

Last Real Indians