May 10, 2015 - Commencement (R.I.P. Richard Kennedy Buck) by Tyrone Thompson

As others accomplish
a step for education
I’ve often wondered on the relationship
Of son and father
a kinship connection a power
Connected with history
short lived
broken and strong but in memory
There was things pictured
of what was once & could’ve accomplished
a bond that was connecting
And flowing like the ancient
waterways sometimes stagnant but pushing
forward but quite suddenly
and from millisecond to second reality
Had been changed
grief and shell shock
of whirlwind grief subjugated
This being had a heart shatter
grief stricken in the darkest hour
Like a instant disease
that quickly paralyzed
with depression that would ease
Into the mind & become conflicted
identity was questioned before & presented
Again but I just didn’t comprehend
our last conversation
that was about suicide or even understand
Why such a choice
was thought or why this voice
Couldn’t help out that life
impacting result
and regardless of the meaningless strife
I live with that memory
and escaped nearly
Into the same fate
I wanted to live with him at my side
and still have the exit certificate
Of his chosen way to depart
the wound is in the four chambers of the heart
remembering our connection
But always cherished
others deny we was connected
But nonetheless the education
that I was seeking
was guided by him a conviction
That had added majority
of these words and the reality
Is he was instrumental
and served a purpose
to my life and a spiritual
Bond like any other
that connects with power
Of the ancestors but not defined
by any group
or person as if they have a power created
Of the divine power
I know my worth with conscience power

By Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni” Wyampum

Last Real Indians