Apr 9, 2015 - Enormous Grace R.I.P Moses Jerome Thompson By Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni”

Enormous Grace R.I.P Moses Jerome Thompson 4/9/1942-6/01/2011
Enormous grace is what I had seen in this dream
The dream and power of a pure visual the genuine energy of this dream
This image was graceful
All the while very powerful
The power of this dream the door
Way & glass door all around us bright & enlightened with both of us at the door
Surrounded by people in the finest regalia but still at a distance
Letting the conversation take place with elegance
All around us everyone looking healthy even he was with a strong facial expression
An impression of a strong willed man ready to be able to stay strong & free of aggression
He was able to stand on his own at the end he wasn’t able to but at the time it had assured
Me of a lot the endless level of anxiety continued on with conflicting & mixed
Emotions of fear this disturbing feeling through everything off balance is what made the fear
Credible but also the unknown fear
Of what may happen and thinking on the exchange of words I’m standing at the door asking
Are you sure you want to go? Are you sure about this? His reply everything
Will be okay I’m ready to go it was two weeks before
His demise two weeks to prepare for the heartache two weeks more
To try and comprehend this overpowered dream that I wasn’t ready
For this capacity of power was overwhelming and tested sanity
But now a year later remembering the journey
Of both plus & minus the backbone of my family
Is gone nonetheless it let me know to develop a fearless
Mind or at least prepare to be strong & to continue to profess
My love for this valuable knowledge contributed in this trance
At least now I can say from this experience I was face to face
With him before he exited this life
The life he committed to guiding me to all I know of this life
A part I owe to him of this revolutionary existence
A part of a long line of pure hearts that added to the persistence
Generation after generation of men & woman of Wyampum bloodline
And will continue for each unnumbered generation of the genuine bloodline
The dream were everything was clean and bright a dream
That let me know a real power of who we are as Wyampum & the strength of a dream

By Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni” Wyampum NiiMiiPuu

Picture is Moses Jerome Thompson date unknown

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