Mar 24, 2015 - Books for Reinvention by Tyrone Thompson

Had tried to identify with self-immolation had created
A subjugated and complex feeling
Slowly denying reality forcing
All sense and health
For a gradual cause of affliction
This array of feelings changed in every way
Possible like currency exchange & these matters were a forceful
Pull that created a negative aura that wasn’t helpful
The disregard of spiritual wealth
A loss of tenet & conviction
The pain had constant questions that would remain
Unanswered or sustain even a little strength for redemption
Searching for definition amongst lost time reading through books for reinvention
Finding struggle to identify
With for regaining humility
Trying to notice fortitude for healing
Creating the urgency but also a need for instant relief
The grief and some elements unresolved for the brief
Fixture remains stagnant
Still unconsciously ignorant
Because missed signs is out of view similar to the polluted
Rivers the damaged sources left behind eroding
Away & taking the source that would negate the moral into demented living
The cycle of insomnia & depression made denial
Righteous & was conflicted about weakness but prose
Would create as quick as wind helps spread fire into a region & a process of self-hate
Into love but fate from simple pen & paper
Would give power to heal the psychological scar that the other
Force stopped and had limited the spiritual
But this medium would influence a sense of purpose

Last Real Indians