Mar 11, 2015 - March 10 1957 Celilo Falls Inundation By “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson Wyampum Niimiipuu

It was two decades before the hereditary
Wyampum bloodline created & tried to effectively
Speak at the behest of the people to be acknowledged
Because subjugated forces had limited
People for speaking
For their own living
The unconscious divide & conquer
Maybe but a colonial trick & created fear
Of each other part time sovereignty, part time brother
And sister, imperial rule against the odds at one another
All for greed
Institutionally feed
A legacy of oppression within a century the repression
Forces destroyed indigenous humanity a continuation
Of a few voices for collective agreement
That dictate lives of small sentiment
Because decisions are based
On monetary value and decayed
Spiritual life of intermixed beliefs and habitual
Traits that became a loss to spiritual
Power tribes are split and assimilated
Some circles are a patsy network of colonized
Beings only sticking
To the written rules but living
Like their part of the status quo a heart
Depleted and conflicted from the start
These leaders today speak of power and place
Of ownership to a sacred place
Continually forgetting
This water is a life force giving
Creation to all forms a life beyond their comprehension
Because their led astray by titles, ownership; & recognition
Of imperial
Titles that is surreal
To how the nations once lived
The dreamer faith that once thrived
At the center of it all a divine power
That connected the indigenous nations and trade center
That became a victim of a environmental
Holocaust the life center of the Columbia River lost its spiritual
Connection and at the same time recognition
Of people to the five islands and connection
To what was once a pristine place in all the world
The islands had markings of our indigenous place in this world
A reminder of the ignorance of western progress and to remember
The legacy that was once Celilo Falls and to never
Forget this crime against indigenous humanity
But that this oppressor force can never wipe away that history or memory

Last Real Indians