Feb 10, 2015 - Yakama Scholarship Crime By Tyrone Ross Thompson Wyampum

Our indictments should be given out as resistant

Against the system not a collective of a con artists out for self-interest & non defiant

In other areas forty three Indigenous students defiantly

Stood up against government oppression with their lives but here our students stole blatantly

But when leaders of the council state they own specific places like Celilo they act superior

With an inflated ego and delusional authority forgetting they are a officer

Representative of all people that should be connected

And unified to our original purpose not imagined

Ownership of sacred places with a eco system that gives & birthed indigenous peoples life

When this disconnection is prevalent the connection to life

Can be easily corrupted

Students can easily connect

The example of our leaders and is a generation gap that has damaged

The perspective and those patterns of stating claimed rights is like the Christian sect

A western society of ideals that is still conflicting todays indigenous humility

And the new relationships that are a important connection today is slave dollar loyalty

The created people of this con that has contributed

A legacy of dissent for their own interests and tainted

Morality that is opposite to the students that are not a disservice

To their own aspirations, goals, and community but their service

Goes on often even unrecognized to the institutional

Forces that are habitual of not having acceptance of indigenous knowledge or influential

Enough to have a equal place because some are still stuck with older knowledge & inactive

And not representative of ideals that can effectively change into transformational and active

People that could breathe a new life a development

Of one voice or collective of people that could’ve inspired

Entire indigenous nations but was not guided to have done so because the insignificant

Action of few people who stole instead of seeking actual knowledge to be educated

There could have been a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc, that could’ve taught not just to be defiant

And resistant but a whole transformation of indigenous society for true elegant improvement

Last Real Indians