Nov 6, 2015 - Suicidal Carnage By Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni” NiiMiiPuu Wyampum

Suicidal carnage of complete fear a tremendous damage
Each stage buried deeper
And deeper with loss of power
Infliction through neglect thinking communication
With held from others that the addiction
Can be a secret but the mark of the body exemplify
A loyalty, one that damages with profound effect that often ends brutally
Thinking time is endless
Feeling of being powerless
Self-hate & consumed
Too late & overwhelmed
With all that develops in darkness
The stress creating significant anger and a mess
Of morality the light diminished from reality
A insanity experience
Nothing of elegance
The shadow infused
Into darkness & defined
The frail state & blind from anything beautiful
The spiritual lost & regained to be powerful
This stage created slow redemption to heal the damage
Of self-inflicted mind set to grow out of the suicidal carnage

Last Real Indians