It is FUTILE for an indigenous warrior today to even think about defeating our enemies by the usual conventional warfare means, we will never have as many guns or as much ammunition to waste as our enemies do….but we do not have to! ONE sniper is worth 100 regular troops (minimum) – even if those troops have Rocket-propelled grenades, hand-grenades, assault rifles, belt-feed machine guns and man-portable Mortars. A good sniper does not waste his ammunition, he scores one kill with every one bullet he fires, and the worlds 3rd deadliest sniper EVER was in fact an Amerindian from the Ojibwe Tribal Nation in Canada, his name was Francis Pegahmagabow, and during World War 1 he personally killed – all by himself – 378 enemy soldiers, this is like ONE sniper fighting against an entire battalion AND KILLING THEM ALL!

Just for the purposes of example to put it into context, because the TRUTH under International Human Rights Laws is that EVERY NATION OF PEOPLE (WHETHER TRIBAL OR POLITICAL) HAS A LEGAL RIGHT TO GOVERN THEMSELVES IN THEIR OWN LANDS FREE OF THE RULE OF OTHER PEOPLE/S WHO ENTERED THEIR LANDS AFTER THEM AND WHO DENY THEM THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE THEIR INHERENT RIGHT TO FREEDOM RESTORED, so bear these observations made to me by a Gurka (most feared soldiers on Earth – and a fellow Mongoloid Tribe from the Himalayas) friend confided in me based on his assessment of the strength of the forces in these four countries VS the potential of the indigenous nations who – if need be – successfully fight for their complete political freedom (because while the fighting is on-going a political wing of the armed struggle would be fighting a legal case in the world Court for a minimum of complete local autonomy as an acceptable compromise that world opinion would back the indigenous side – and cause UN pressure for the Nation-State acceptance of – ‘in order to restore peace as soon as possible’….you have to know how to play the game effectively on the world stage, and global public sympathy is ALWAYS on the side of ‘poor oppressed native peoples’):

If Belize had 20 GOOD Mayan snipers – they would be able to defend their own independence and create a Sovereign Mayan State.

The Belize military has LESS than 1800 men…and Suriname has only 2,500 soldiers, If Suriname had 25 GOOD Amerindian snipers – they would be able to defend their own independence and create an Amerindian Sovereign State…..when you bear in mind that one good sniper (as you will see in the video below) is worth at MINIMUM 100 regular soldiers or Policemen. Stop wasting money and ammunition buying assault rifles….a simple hunting rifle will serve you far better.

I am NOT advocating that we indigenous of today engage in armed struggle in a war for our own liberation – unless we have serious reasons to….if the governments ruling over us are generally treating us a fairly as any master -servant relationship will allow (and remember they think they are our masters and we are their servants)…then do not resort to bloodshed….but if your government is either doing or allowing – your lands to be destroyed and exploited in the name of money for themselves or everyone else EXCEPT your people, and you are being moved off your lands because they say you ‘stand in the way of National progress’….and if the government’s Policemen & Soldiers are raping your women and killing your men ALREADY – and the only ‘punishment’ these uniformed criminals are getting it to be moved to another Army base or Police Station somewhere else in YOUR country…then my friend, they have ALREADY declared war on your people by their actions against you – never mind their deceitful words – especially around election time – about how you are their ‘indigenous brothers’….would a true brother oppress you like that with a smile to your face and a knife stabbing you in your back?

We indigenous have to REMEMBER that we are the greatest hunters of animals in the wilderness, and a sniper is just a hunter of human animals, we can turn our skill at hunting animals – into the skill of hunting humans – if we need to…..and if we do so, our enemies cannot defeat us.
This is why I preach the need for our indigenous warriors to learn to become good Snipers wherever I go in this Hemisphere. Get yourself a hunting rifle with telescopic sights and as much ammunition for it as you can – it is the most valuable investment in the defense of your people that you will ever make. A Hunting Rifle that uses a .223 caliber round should be the easiest to find in the western Hemisphere, it is the most popular Police sniper caliber in most countries; and easily available in gun stores throughout the Americas in countries where gun stores that sell to the public exist….become expert at hitting targets 300 yards in the field, that is good enough for most sniper ambush situations you will need to become expert at. In time you will become good enough to hit 5 times that distance with practice & experience. If you have excellent vision you may be great enough to become accurate using only your gun sights, but if not – and you can afford it – a professional scope is essential.

Leupold Scopes are among the best to get for your rifle but will usually cost much more than your gun:

More on Francis Pegahmagabow:

Of the 10 deadliest snipers ever – and the 3rd best Sniper ever was an Amerindian! The famous American ‘Chris Kyle’ is only the 9th best sniper ever with 160 kills – less than HALF the kills made by the Amerindian sniper Francis Pegahmagabow of the Ojibwe Tribe in Canada (who was Canada’s greatest sniper ever) who killed 378 during WW1!

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