Oct 7, 2015 - Maze Runner Admits Robbing Indian Graves -by Denny Gaytn

Foreigners Disrespecting the Dead

Cast and crew of the Maze Runner sequel are grave robbers. An actor in the film, Dylan O’Brien, publicly confessed his co-workers‘ crime on Live with Michael and Kelly. Fascination with Native North Americans is at all-time high.

History in American school books fail to inform children whose land the Americans live upon. Without acknowledgment of past domestic American atrocities, with statutes erected in American cities to commemorate the Hitlers who terrorized Native North Americans, these young Americans are left with a Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed history. Although kept ignorant about much current American terrorism abroad, at every turn the young learn of past terrorism from those left alive to tell chilling American tales.

In the world abroad, people from other nations never tell Native North Americans they didn’t know they were still alive, nor do people abroad ask whether they still live in teepees; people abroad know they aren’t speaking with Americans, painfully ignorant of past and present American aggression. In the world abroad, people know American terrorism and they know the Americans are taught some of it is called stabilizing the Middle East.

Citizens of Native North America are not surprised to hear foreigners have again robbed their graves; they are not shocked; Native North Americans recognize the same old American song & dance.

American fascination with Native North America will not end before an official and sustained inquiry of the hallowed Founding Fathers on Native North American land results in the macabre American history finding its way into the textbooks of primary school children from sea to shining sea.

Native North Americans won’t hold their breath.

Last Real Indians