Oct 23, 2015 - Core of our Being By “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson NiiMiiPuu Wyampum


It is not one voice when the core of being is corrupted

A voice not speaking at the behest of others but for a selected

Few but it is more than a statement

This is the mirror reflecting on how our life is no longer elegant

We’re no longer seeing the bottom of the elixir of life

The waters are polluted, corrupted, & a strife

Of contradictions consumes all of our destroyed

Lives and plagues each moment the river is unprotected

The process of only having

A caste kinship is only allowing

A imaginary illusion to run continual

A small relationship that has no spiritual

Meaning because it only displays obedience

A fallacy like we’re all connected but the elegance

Is only a vague memory

Of what was once pure with true humility

The words are empty & opposite of resistance

A privileged caste of compliance

Opposite of our supreme being

Of Washani that was once the core of our being

Last Real Indians