Jan 27, 2015 - Death Triangle by Tyrone Thompson

At this home I had stood on the soil of a supreme spiritual
Place a historical reverence but it was there I released the thought of being suicidal
For years being enslaved
By the everlasting depression
Spending hours, days; years engraved and entrusted
Into darkness but often incessant domination
When identity is questioned that is what happens when the memory
Dims, attempted receding of existence and history
Like the government policy of measuring blood the delusional
Quantum of being as if the blood vessels stopped, recorded; and reveal
That one side of the body, along with blood stream; & heart
Can all be divided into different tribes & the rest of the four chambers of the heart
Is broken down & defined by this imaginary
Standard and just like the secret committee their power is imaginary
And the destructive element is here like the creative
Force of environmental chaos of stagnant water and the collective
Energy rushes through to water
The death triangle; to help most exit and enter away from power
Contributing from a worlds life source to hops of the Yakima Valley living
Amongst the decay of it all birthing
The seeds of alcohol the place where it is hard to conceal
And witness the insanity cycle and hard to reveal
Pain & be redeemed of the constant reminder of the departed
And I’ve continued on to break down like I’ve been left alone
Like our love of the previous holders name had just been disconnected
The seeds of malice sprouted & germinated of unveiled reason it feels there is no home
By this action I had lost faith as a Washani dreamer
A dreamer nonetheless & aware of addictions but built with rage, anger; & self-hate the dreamer
Lessons and life lost had for a time been forgotten but understand
Comprehend; & at least remember that we could all stand
As one improving a legacy for one another
To reinvent consistently for the better but I also ponder
The divide & conquer strategy is a device of centuries long inheritance
The Eastern Hemisphere & its colonial system exercised it to perfection before this place
Had even been thought of or acknowledged
The damaged minds are everywhere of the colonial pestilence that has usurped
The entire continent of both the Eagle & Condor but the Indigenous people
Still live and breathe amongst the order out of chaos as Indigenous people
Although a bourgeoisie committee have a sense & morality to have a disconnection
To contribute to extinction to our true purpose & few can remember the predicted destruction
From the old timers of the five islands of Celilo and other areas but also life
A life that created a morale insanity of conflicted life
Bourgeoisie affluence has intermixed
Into other areas of life that has forced
A different breed and with it recognition standards of an obsolete society
That is giving in, words are meaningless; and the one family only mimics the oppressors’ reality
But through abasement through this struggle of denied existence the radiant
Light experienced, dreams recorded & written had kept the sanity to strive for self-improvement
Despite all faults and tremendous impact of frail health and thoughts of being suicidal
The historical connection remains & will have faith in Washani’s supreme spiritual

Non Treaty Wyampum, Henry “Pi-usha” Thompson( great grandfather) talking with World War II veteran General Wainwright and the Army Corp of Engineers when they was telling Wyampums that the Yakamas and other Confederated tribes wanted money and signed away for the Dalles Dam to be completed. From Thompson(Kuna) family collection

Last Real Indians