Aug 24, 2014 - Indigenous Nationality by Damon Corrie


A MEMBER OF THE HMONG TRIBAL NATION HAS ASKED ME FOR ADVICE, I decided to share my advice with the world because many of us are also unaware of our full rights… so here it is in order:

On Sunday, August 17, 2014 2:36 AM, ntxhuav wrote:


My name is Ntxhuav, and my nationality is Hmong. I am so grateful to have found the Pan Tribal Confederacy. I have learned much of what you have done for indigenous people.

My quest to declare and proclaim my nationality has lead me to your webpage. I am wondering how I can declare and proclaim my nationality and status on official court and public records. What must I do exactly and how must I do it?

In The Declaration of Human Rights, Article #15 it states:

a. Everyone has a right to a name and a Nationality
b. Everyone has a right to change it

The Declaration of Human Rights –United Nations General Assembly – December 10, 1948: Resolution #217: Article 15:

1. Everyone has the right to a nationality
2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

How do I go about declaring and proclaiming my nationality and status on official court and public records?

I saw on your webpage that you gave out ID cards. How do I apply for a Pan Tribal Confederacy ID Card? Is our nationality stated on the Pan Tribal Confederacy ID cards?

It will be great to learn from you. I am looking ahead to grow with your knowledge.

Thank you.

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 06:45:11 -0700
From: damoncorrie
To: ntxhuav

Hello Ntxhuav,

yes you can begin by asserting it, your Hmong Nationality, the UN has recognized these rights but the political Nation-states mostly still do not recognize it, because they are Neo-Colonial constructs based on previous Colonial models, so they force people to have only one official Nationality (usually their own), or if they allow you to have dual nationality – they will only accept the second one from another Neo-Colonial Political Nation State like themselves.

All we can do right now is go ahead and assert our own by printing our own ID cards and passports, right now we are in the process of upgrading our ID cards to be more professional, but yes certainly if you had one it would say ‘Hmong’ as your Indigenous Nationality.

We are just waiting to hear the cost of the new cards, because it will require each person who wants one to pay for their own, because no-one outside is funding or donating to our efforts, we have to make progress on our own, if we wait for others to help – we might wait in vain. We must put our rights into place ourselves. The UN just gave us a framework to use in our best interest.

Best regards,


On Friday, August 22, 2014 3:26 PM, ntxhuav wrote:

Thanks for the response and information.

What is needed on the id card to be recognized by the government courts and public? If I make my own National ID Cards with all the required info then will it hold up at government facilities?

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 12:50:32 -0700, damon wrote:

Hello Ntxhuav,

It is a legitimate act or movement, but not in the eyes of the ruling powers, for example – when Ghandi began to tell the people of India they had a right to be free of the rule of English people, the World Court agreed it was true, just like the World Court agrees that we as Indigenous Peoples have a right to our own indigenous nationality…but the British Empire that was ruling India in Ghandi’s time did NOT see his struggle as ‘legitimate’ and the British Empire did not care what the World Court said…..but Ghandi did not let that stop him, he knew his rights and he kept fighting for them, and in the end the British Empire ended and the people of India obtained their own Nationality (and even regained their own Political Sovereign status as well).

This is how you have to think about our struggle, we KNOW the World Court is on our side – so we should not care if the Colonial & Neo-Colonial governments still refuse to recognize our rights, we must continue to implement and defend our rights – and not care about what any government that ‘thinks’ they have power and authority over us wants to say or believe about itself.

The Six Nations Confederacy of North Eastern North America has been printing their OWN Amerindian passports for decades, the Governments of the USA and Canada do NOT recognize them, but the Amerindians of the 6 Nations Confederacy do not care – 22 other countries of the world DO recognize them, and so does the World Court.

If we ALL think like this we would become an unstoppable force, but we worry that we will not be recognized by the people who are essentially our enemies…and we hold ourselves back. We LET them win by adopting this ‘defeated and conquered’ mentality they brainwash their ‘educational system’ to transfer into our minds.

When they tell us that they do not ‘recognize’ us – we must tell them that we ‘do not recognize them either’.

This is the advice I give to indigenous peoples all over the world – and will CONTINUE to give as long as there is life in my body.

I printed my own Pan-Tribal Confederacy ID cards for my wife and myself (and others), it says as my Tribal Nationality – Lokono-Arawak, and as my Political Nationality – Barbadian…and for my wife it says her Tribal Nationality – Lokono-Arawak, and her Political Nationality – Guyanese. I used this ID card to enter the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York City, the World Bank (IMF) Headquarters in Washington DC, the Organization of American States (OAS) Headquarters in Washington DC, The Presidential Palace in Brazil, the Presidential Palace in Bolivia, to cross over the border at Brazilian Police and Military checkpoints, etc.

By doing so I proved that if we create our own forms of Identification that others CAN and will recognize them, maybe not everyone, and maybe not all at once, but the longest journey begins with the first step….we KNOW our Rights are protected by International Laws – so ignore local laws and National Governments whenever they deny us our higher human rights that are ALREADY enshrined in INTERNATIONAL Human Rights Law…world society is NOT going to bend to suit National Governments…National Governments will HAVE to bend themselves to suit INTERNATIONAL Law sooner or later.

I even designed a flag for my tribe – and now we are the first tribe in Guyana to have a flag of it’s own.
My enemies in government circles hate me for revealing these truths to the average Amerindian who has very little knowledge about how much rights he/she really has under International Law, and my enemies in so-called Amerindian Rights NGO’s hate me for being ‘ some mixed race Amerindian’ who came out of the little island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea (they forget to mention my Lokono-Arawak Guyana born grandmother – see her photo below) long after they were already on the scene asking the people to support them – and in a short space of time achieving MORE (funded entirely out of my own pocket) to push back the limits imposed on us by ‘dominating society’ than they ever have. They seem to be content to have us live under the rule of foreigners forever, never enjoying the right to taste the sweet fruit of TRUE and absolute FREEDOM ourselves – as is our God-given right to enjoy!

You can tell this because they NEVER talk about Amerindians having the COMPLETE freedom and Independence that our ancestors had before the Europeans Invaded our Hemisphere, they ALWAYS stop short of this and just talk about more LIMITED rights and ‘freedoms’…well I fight for UN-LIMITED rights and REAL Freedom – the SAME as EVERY OTHER PEOPLE ON EARTH HAVE AND ENJOY…..why should we not have the same? Are we less human that other people? Or are we ALL not children of the most high God – and all EQUAL in his eyes!

Amerindians in Guyana will have only 2 choices one day, to follow me down the road to a glorious freedom of OUR people, by OUR people and for OUR people (where we will be FRIENDS to ALL but SERVANTS NO -MORE TO ANYONE!), or live forever as second class citizens in their own country and watch helplessly as foreigners sell every last piece of it to make themselves richer – while We remain the poorest of the poor – in OUR OWN COUNTRY.


On Friday, August 22, 2014 3:56 PM, ntxhuav wrote:

Thank you for living.

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