Jun 30, 2014 - For Our Mother & Brother, and Solidified Love, Poetry by Tyrone Ross Thompson and Josephine Buck Memanu

For Our Mother and Brother

(This is a poem Collaboration with Josephine Buck “Memanu” a relative of Warm Spring, Wanapum, & Nisqually Bloodlines)

T.R.T In this invasive society capitalism & imperialism will have you fooled for the creative

Morale of greed will somehow decide how people live

And create, label identify man made creations

As above people that represent levels of oppression and hardly anyone questions

The dark schemes of such places like Martha’s Vineyard as a luxury

Island a hidden history of deceit and any other capitalist place disconnected from common society


History is not in our favor to be repeated

Was taken when it was spiritually gone deleted

Attempt to take more as more was needed

Identity at loss with honor mistreated

Yet indigenous is a term meaning undefeated

Take a spot on the free land extend your free hand

But the seed of your feet is a trace of our stand

Impossibilities surround us, you attempt to ground us.

Yet you can’t fade the light the dresses and surrounds us

We’ve learned of greed

Accepting more than we need

Assimilate by choice but I’m only one voice,

If I want to choose peace I’ll just silence the noise

Something’s you can take, some things you can kill

But our spirit won’t die and never will

Our sacred places, culture-shock your faces

We acknowledge presence and empty spaces

Life is full, prophesized as planned

You try to fathom what you can’t understand

That journey you seek from your mind to your heart

Is spacing further and further apart.


Through the thick of it all they corrupted

Every system trying to tell the tale like we were defeated

Language, life, & identity had been damaged

By education and the plague like encroachment

Of a foreign idea implying that resources needed to be taken for improvement

But after centuries of human alteration

By creation of borders, man-made laws, & domesticated animals an invention

That is said to be civilization

But the power of nature is speaking

A different tale a warning

That maybe no one is taking as important but one is a profound example a sacred place

A sacred power that was center of the Columbia River Celilo Falls, the sacred place

That was center of all life but in the mid-20th century

The need for electricity outweighed the indigenous people’s voices all along the main artery

Of all that was essential to Indian life


And just like the water, we make a way through

Forget the history tales you thought you knew

Who knew education can cause such damage?

Take away the things we die to salvage

Who knows our ways enough to oppose?

You cannot control what you don’t know

Simplicity, there it is; go an act it out

So you overlook the facts you speak about


It’s about time people reconnect imagine

By liberating the mind & if natives could take it to the next level

Of a spiritual holy war like the Middle East a level

Most won’t survive or at least had the same dedicated

Mind-set of protecting beliefs because when they infested

The waters they also separated & divided

People for the majority took the dollars to be enslaved

For a lifetime it’s time to reach for each

One to do for self before and teach

Internal improvement before taking on the noble cause of resistance

Learn that compliance is slavery to their order out of chaos and no match to our place


Not presented here to tell you lies

Not fixing the truth to fit a disguise

This is the heart of my people not a story thru blue eyes

Enslaved today by choice, a self-defense

While some lay down the fight for a few lousy cents

Oppressed at a level

To quiet the rebel

Call acts of our spirit like those of the devil

Just walk in the shoes of those of our past

Your footsteps along my road just may not last

Pardon my progress if I’m moving too fast

The simplicity of a circle has a power

That would leave a loss of a minute or hour

That prays the heartbeat of our sacred songs

Why the shelters we build stand tall and strong

The direction of our give and take

The full circle journey our body makes

The garden isn’t fitted to tend what grows

They grow as free as our spirit, don’t reap and sew

A circle to us, a shape to others

But in this spirit, the look of our mother

The home of our brother


Expanding a circle it has continual power a surreal

Feeling sometimes most never speak out in fear of being abandoned or feel

Their alone divide & conquer has twisted

The hearts of many but more & more are regaining an overpowered

Sense of purpose connecting back to a historical duty a pride restored

Despite the traumatic effects people become redeemed

Wage an internal battle like a whirlwind

The kind that apply pain in a different direction to find

Any medium through poetry, music, & living alone within the confines of agonizing

Society that often contradicts itself but a true love is here and indigenous people are living


Solidified Love

(By Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni” Wyampum Nez Perce) 

Solidified love a common bond to move beyond

Self-interest is what the old timers had & generations before a supreme bond

That has among most been forgotten or a false dedication

Led on by fronted words but still never yielded to attain a unified connection

That can empower each individual although majority of the time egos kills this chance of power

Nevertheless a person or persons can try & isolate all they can the power

That ensures resurgence came from a centered place the five islands & Celilo Falls developed the faithfulness

The relentless will of life guided from generations of Wyampum men & woman to live & progress

Among a society who tried and was determined to eliminate the indigenous identity

Instead of secluding or hiding they actively protected their own against the invading society

As part of a long history it was instilled & developed to know & understand resistance

The persistence to live and continue on for the humanity & significance

Of our love of life and the continued will to live, struggle, & educate

But previous years had to balance the extremes of self-hate

The suffering of depression that consumed & drained all energy gaining

Nothing but ill will but out of it grew & multiplied that would bring

A constant determination to remove away from the negative and redemption

That would double because the darkest part needed to be dealt with in order for self-inspiration

And would begin to see all the truth again the humility

To be concerned about others in various forms a loyalty

Of sincere intention to live the life love the life and to move beyond a mere

Self-interest concept and continue seeking a solidified love that is truly sincere

Tyrone Ross Thompson (Wyampum and Nez Perce Indian of the Columbia River). The last name is the colonized form because the settlers such as David Thompson, Lewis & Clark; & others could not pronounce the name “Kuna” so as the Washani leader bloodline that would follow Kuna and his son Tommy “Kuni” Thompson would take the name given to them by the system. The Thompson Wyampum bloodline is from Celilo Falls and this lineage had refused to recognize any governmental system such as treaties or the monetary funds the Army Corps of Engineers had offered when The Dalles Dam had flooded over the Five Islands of Celilo Falls on March 10 1957. With that distinct history although with the legal names and life that contradicts all that the Wyampum bloodline had fought and protect against the invader I feel I owe something and indebted to that profound history. By trying to use words in order to gain a unity amongst indigenous people in hopes of inspiring others to have a self-love for identity, community, a tribe, bands, nations, in order to live as strong beautiful indigenous people in the western hemisphere.

Last Real Indians