Jun 20, 2014 - Transformation of Society by Tyrone Ross Thompson

Transformation of Society
Feeling at a loss or rather even to a point of sadness
Madness at my inner self because of ideals that has not reached the finesse
Or true potential of motivation for others to embrace a true Indian identity
Beyond the pan Indian reality a connection to spirituality
That has been sustained by our ancestors despite the imperial empire
Whose desire was to destroy our Tribes, Nations, and bands that should inspire
Us enough to unite for a cause that is beyond us and for the future generations
So they can sustain their natural state of being & will retain
Self-knowledge, Self-Respect, and constant Self improvement
For the empowerment of the people & for us to have no fear or resentment
Among us so we can live but not by statistics such as poverty, alcoholism, & suicide
A pride that should prosper within ourselves to remind
People that our life in this society is beyond the enemies mind state
They create hate & systems for us to fail but we should not allow our energy to generate
Negative feelings because it would go to waste our cause is one to liberate
To acknowledge the past, present, & future to continue our existence
The indigenous presence alone on the soil of the western hemisphere is the essence
& the supreme beauty of life it leads us to continue the transformation of society

Will you die with me tonight?
Lot of my time is spent reflecting back on my life on what was & the nights
Seem to be endless there was a moment in time alcohol took control each night
Getting high, blacking out with pure ignorance willing to die every night
I only know a few people that died of a natural cause & it creates a lot of pain
Within myself, too much wasted energy on the what if questions can’t gain
Nothing from that, the misery is nothing now doing the best to sustain
My life trying the best to learn and show compassion
For other people but it seems it’s a waste from my aspirations but still have a compassion
To revitalize indigenous lives & start a revolution with true compassion
But looking back I came along way trying to better myself
Living life, loving life realizing that I have a delicate health
& I can’t pursue my dreams with negative thoughts & never for any wealth
Getting stressed & have too much on my mind
Hopeless at moments trying to confuse my mind
With alcohol steady polluting my mind
That’s causing me to be weak but never that still holding on to grief
For certain people, preserving courage to live & have belief
To move on but there is a lingering feeling of being lost I need relief
From the impure nightmares I need something more than my current mind state
Can’t stop thinking of death it’s constantly in my mind state
Live Life Love Life let it blossom while I ask you will you die with me tonight? That’s my mind state

The Con Artist
The con artist can manipulate in all forms a con
Is within every level family, life, & society this con artist
Can eat at your morale & exhaust both positive and negative energy
No matter how much trust, love & loyalty
A person can contribute to them that does not matter their deception
Is a creation of their own destructive action
To take a step away is the best intention
Not to condemn but to have them look at self-innovation
The unconscious con can than examine their own ignorance
The resistance to outgrow an intoxicated ego to allow their presence
Within society grow & realize the weakness of energy
Pointed towards others the false generosity
To a cause above their own contribution
Because if they measure with money it’s a false ambition
The movement still continues with or without the slave paper because others have the will
Power to talk sober so I will
Build myself around those because reality
Is the best of them departed to early
Those who helped put the game into perspective
A perspective well taught not only on life but the deceptive
People to learn how to read people
In & out because most people
Do not have it in them to think above self interest
What creates this thought & to think of others less & less
It’s the con of concealed history the written con
Of imperialism who takes control of most & loses their soul to become part of the con
Living Non Treaty to the Fullest

Tyrone Ross Thompson (Wyampum and Nez Perce Indian of the Columbia River). The last name is the colonized form because the settlers such as David Thompson, Lewis & Clark; & others could not pronounce the name “Kuna” so as the Washani leader bloodline that would follow Kuna and his son Tommy “Kuni” Thompson would take the name given to them by the system. The Thompson Wyampum bloodline is from Celilo Falls and this lineage had refused to recognize any governmental system such as treaties or the monetary funds the Army Corps of Engineers had offered when The Dalles Dam had flooded over the Five Islands of Celilo Falls on March 10 1957. With that distinct history although with the legal names and life that contradicts all that the Wyampum bloodline had fought and protect against the invader I feel I owe something and indebted to that profound history. By trying to use words in order to gain a unity amongst indigenous people in hopes of inspiring others to have a self-love for identity, community, a tribe, bands, nations, in order to live as strong beautiful indigenous people in the western hemisphere.

Last Real Indians