Apr 4, 2014 - Call for Unity Against Toxic Profiteers by Andrew Ironshell


It gets real..real quick. No matter what happens with the keystone XL pipeline it will have consequences for the so called losers and winners if ya wanna call em that. This conversation entrenched in pipeline profits and imaginary jobs is not at all about how chunky tar sand oil gets to market. It’s about who or more so what ‘systems’ control the natural resources and we are not just talking fossil fuel products.

How much do you currently pay for bottled water? How much are you willing to pay? When bottled water becomes your only safe access to toxic free water, how much did it cost you? While there is a lot of money being tossed around in the keystone XL pipeline conversation by the big players to ensure their bets, forces held by those with the least resources, folks like you and I, are holding global corporations trying to punch a pipeline down our throats at bay. The common people are moving as a tsunami and we might get only one crack at overwhelming the enemy as only a tsunami can. It’s all about the water.

We don’t need violence to bring down the toxic world of those profiteers behind the tar sands and pipelines keystone XL and Enbridge. Our best tool in the tool box is unity. They will bring violence against us as you see police forces are now para military moonlighters for the fat takers whims. You are neutralized and defeated once you enter court under the thumb of breaking homeland security law. As a labeled terrorist to so called progress. Dajevu to the Native Americans and First Nation relatives in the trenches of this fight. Those things keep a savage tied up and distracted. They are organized tactics to conquer and divide those fighting against keystone XL pipeline – this is why non-violent front line activism training is so important. So a warrior don’t let their emotions get in the way of being aware and on point. Grandma and children have received this training so here they are standing shoulder to shoulder with you, a prayer was offered before battle, all those concerns in your mind. Fight the smart fight.

It is real. The risk to water, the risk to community who dare take on TransCanada and the systems that cater to them. We stand united and mother earth wins, we come apart at the seams and we could all end up living as our First Nations relatives do, the one’s down wind of the tar sands….their safe drinking water is a memory, their rivers colored red with heavy metals and stench of crude. Get real and keep it real because the billionaires are not going to take it lightly when the common man shuts down their toxic dreams. We seen how their congressional puppets act out when they lose a fight. How do you think the crime bosses of eco terrorism are going to act when the people are counting coup on their profit margin dreams?

My advice…….be ready and you won’t have to get ready.

Last Real Indians