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By:  Jayson Brave Heart

“Dear white men: Move to an Indian reservation today, get an Indian girlfriend, and beat her all you want!” This is what Congresswoman Noem and her Republican lackeys want you to know.

I was raised that you never hit a woman, period. As an Indian man, I was taught this was the Lakota way and the Christian way- but I guess my parents and the bible were wrong.

Of all American women, Indian women need the most protections. 1 out of every 3 Native women will be raped, 39% will be victims of domestic violence. Kristi Noem thinks this is ok, but I am pretty sure rape and domestic violence are not very Christian.

South Dakota’s Congresswoman Noem (R) and the House Republicans are trying to strip the protections for Native women from the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) this Tuesday in Congress.

Some Indian reservations up to 70% of the population is non-Native. We live in a modern society with lots of interracial dating and marriage. Arcane, outdated, federal law leaves white men who live on Indian reservations, who date and marry Native women, free to beat them.

Federal law has tied Native American Tribes hands behind their back, unable to protect their most precious and sacred asset, our own women. The Indian provisions in VAWA would fix this loophole and recognize Tribes’ concurrent jurisdiction with the federal government to prosecute any man who beats an Indian woman, regardless of his race.

VAWA would fix this loophole. Congresswomen Noem wants this stopped! White men should be free to beat their own Indian woman!

As an Indian guy, if I come to your town and beat one of your white women, I go to jail. If one you white guys comes to my reservation and beats one of our Indian women, you get to make a joke about it in Facebook and a free beer.

Call Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R-SD), tell her Indian women deserve the same protections as white women like her, (202) 225-2801, or your own Member of Congress by calling the Congressional operator at (202) 224-3121.

Jayson Brave Heart grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and is the CEO of Brave Heart Group, LLC. He may not be considered much of a gentleman, but he doesn’t date white women, or hit them.