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Minnesota Approves Line 3: EXPECT RESISTANCE!

Minnesota Approves Line 3: EXPECT RESISTANCE!

“You have just declared war on the Ojibwe!”

June 28th, 2018 – message by Stop Line 3

Today, Minnesota approved a new Line 3 pipeline.

At 7:00 this morning, a water protector ascended a 25-foot steel tripod structure and blockaded traffic for several hours in front of the Minnesota Public Utility Commission (PUC) office in downtown St. Paul to demonstrate ongoing resistance to Line 3. The PUC began their fifth day of meetings on the Line 3 permits as scheduled at 11:00am, shortly after the water protector was taken down from the pod, and each commissioner in turn voiced the same conclusion – that Minnesota SHOULD grant Enbridge a Certificate of Need for the project. This means they have decided that, based on all the evidence of costs and benefits, a new Line 3 is “in the best interest of society.” This afternoon they will decide on a bunch of permit conditions and formally vote to approve the CN. Then they will choose a route, but it is entirely unclear which route they will choose.

Photo: Tania Aubid, Ogichidaakwe from East Lake and member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, reacts to the PUC’s decision to approve the Line 3 Certificate of Need, “You have just declared war on the Ojibwe!” (credit: PowerShift Network)

Opponents to the project felt a whirlwind of emotions after hearing the decision. Tania Aubid, Ogichidaakwe from East Lake, stood up and told the commissioners “You have just declared war on the Ojibwe!,” and others in the crowd screamed “Shame on you, you cowards!” Brent Murcia of the Youth Climate Intervenors told the commissioners, “This is our future and we will not let this stand.” And Honor the Earth’s Executive Director, Winona LaDuke, posted immediately on facebook that Minnesota now has its Standing Rock:

“The Public Utilities Commission has just approved the Certificate of Need for Line 3. Enbridge and Minnesota have their Standing Rock.” Winona LaDuke

“If the PUC doesn’t stop Line 3, then we will,” said the water protector, suspended from the 25-foot structure in the street in front the PUC. “Today’s action isn’t about me, but rather a demonstration of the growing resistance to Line 3. We’re taking action in solidarity with Native people, who continue to fight for their existence on occupied land and with people all over the world who resist the desecration of nature by extractive industries.” Read the action’s full press release here and watch Unicorn Riot’s live video coverage here.