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Lakota “Pe’ Sla” Movement in S.D. to Hold Two Major Actions

By  :  Chase IronEyes
Lakota “Pe’ Sla” Movement in S.D. to Hold Two Major Actions: Teach-In, Sat. Sept. 1, Cheyenne River Reservation Pow Wow; Rally, Wed. Sept. 5, Memorial Park, Rapid City

Chase Iron Eyes, Robin Lebeau, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Phyllis Young, and other Sioux leaders are championing the cause of reclaiming stolen lands and sacred sites, including the purchase of Pe’ Sla for the benefit of the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation). These leaders have planned two major actions. One will be a teach-in at 5 PM at the Cheyenne River Reservation pow wow this Saturday, Sept. 1. The other will be a rally in downtown Rapid City at Memorial Park at 5 PM Wednesday, Sept 5. In addition, acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey and National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey show support for the tribes. For more information: