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Keystone XL will not go away

by Chase Iron Eyes

The U.S. Congress recently put the Department of State and president Obama under the gun by placing a 60 day deadline on the Obama administration to either Deny or Approve Transcanada’s Presidential Permit application which is required to build the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama did the right thing and denied the permit, although his administration denied the permit because of the unreasonable time restraints placed on it by Congress to adequately consider all options. Noticeably absent from the list of reasons why Obama denied the permit was something to the effect of “uh, the carbon economy, dependence on oil, dirty oil, and in this case the dirtiest of all oils -Tar Sands oil, does not coincide with a truly sustainable vision of our future, we simply cannot continue to stand idly by while the corporations hi-jack our governments and destroy the planet.”

I do not envy the position that the President of the United States finds himself regarding the Keystone XL pipeline because it is not going away. The Republican Congress has recently vowed to revive the pipelines chances of success, including taking the decision out of Obama’s hands and placing it with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission –among other tricks.  Although Obama alone was responsible for determining whether the Keystone XL pipeline is in the” national interest”, it is apparent that the Republican Congress is willing to play politrix with this pipeline. Republicans frame Obama’s denial as the President caving to the environmental lobby to the detriment of United States energy security and American Jobs.

The only real energy security for our nation and continent is going to come from reducing consumption and dependence on oil, the less we use the less we have to buy.  This is the most basic tenet of any sustainable civilization, yet we will never hear it because the corporate west requires that we stay drugged up on the carbon economy, the convenience, the individuality, the tradition…Chevy runs deep. The auto-lobby is there to make sure we keep buying.

Obama must play politrix as well. He astutely attempted to do that by delaying a decision to make this a non-election issue. Obviously, the Republican Congress had other plans and Obama’s people saw a way out with a good possibility of pinning this on the Republicans. So, we have the current state of affairs: Obama says no to the pipeline for less than the right reasons and the Republicans try to make the pipeline a reality. Not only can Obama pin this on the Republicans, his administration may be able to dilute any attention paid to the Secretary of State’s, Hillary Clinton, former aide(s) now lobbying for Transcanada; the U.S. State Department actually hired a Transcanada (the company trying to build the Keystone XL pipeline) contractor, Cardno Entrix, to draft the environmental and historical impact statements submitted to the Obama Administration in contemplation of approval. In addition, big oil has succeeded in convincing Americans that the pipeline will save our economy, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Make no mistake, the pressure will return. Obama will have to make a choice whether to further entrench the destructive carbon economy or to make a statement in favor of a truly sustainable economy. In a previous article I posited that the carbon economy is in the national interest of the United States. Although, it shouldn’t take any one to posit anything about what is in the best interest of the American and World Carbon empire; all one has to do is take a look around. We have unclean hands. Here is an excerpt from my previous article:

“The carbon economy is a product and a continuing necessity of the modern Western/American Empire. Capitalism, the corporate-western carbon dominated model based on the fiat money system, is an extremely brilliant trick that compels us to participate “in the system.”  To gain any measure of material existence we are prodded to keep going to work to provide food, clothing, shelter, water, and energy for our families.  Capitalism, the kind which is succeeding because of the fallible and greedy nature of the two-legged, abstracts its subjects from daily meaningful interaction with the universe; this is accomplished without most even knowing it. We are separated from our labor which was meaningful and even spiritual in the buffalo economy, for instance. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Capitalism separates our spirit from our environment; human beings require interaction with the land, our surroundings, and our relatives. We are no longer doing our part in the universe by growing our own food, hunting, clothing and sheltering ourselves, observing our animal and celestial relatives (the stars) to seek guidance for earthly conduct. We no longer directly nurture our soul and needs by our own deeds. With this separation (doing work meaningful for our spirit as opposed to doing “work” meaningful for profit), we are easily taught that happiness equals the pursuit of material consumer culture: better cars, better gold, better diamonds, better houses, better, more expensive everything. We dig ditches or strike keyboards, from the comfort of climate controlled structures run by carbon based energy, to earn imaginary money to trade for things at Wal-mart.”

Indigenous people and like-minded allies understand the above excerpt as we have a tremendous responsibility to keep protecting the earth and all our relatives for 7 generations. So while the destructive Corporate Western Media Spectacle continues to be sold to the world; the lastrealindians will continue to protect the world’s future.

This article comes at a very serious time as Lakota country says Toksa Ake (See you again) to longtime water and treaty rights advocate and Oglala Lakota National Council (Oglala Sioux Tribe) 5th Member, Johnson Holy Rock. I was hit hard over the weekend to learn that Johnson Holy Rock has begun his journey home to the stars. I had the honor of meeting and listening to Johnson Holy Rock and Harvey White Woman (Oglala Lakota at home in the stars) analyze and communicate the intricacies of our treaties, water rights, identities and histories in order to protect our first medicine, water and our great ally, mother earth. We know the fight will never stop but we plan on being here forever. We can’t stop protecting mother earth; we don’t know how to stop. Johnson Holy Rock lived that way; Alex and Debra White Plume of Kiza Park (Oglala Lakota Nation) and live that way. Our Children and Grandchildren will live that way with Creator’s blessings.