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Indigenous Peoples March 01.18.19 Uniting for Indigenous Lives

Indigenous Peoples March 01.18.19 Uniting for Indigenous Lives

As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a mighty fist.” ~Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake (Sitting Bull)

A coalition of Indigenous peoples are coordinating a mass rally and march on Washington DC on 01.18.19. Event details below.

To sign up to attend the rally and receive updates RSVP here

Information by Indigenous Peoples March

On January 18, 2019 we are uniting Indigenous peoples across the world to stand together to bring awareness to the injustices affecting Indigenous men, women and children. Indigenous peoples from North and South America, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean are a target of genocide. Currently, many Indigenous people are victims of voter suppression, divided families by walls and borders, an environmental holocaust, sex and human trafficking and police and military brutality with little or no resources and awareness of this injustice. We Must Unite and Help!!

We are inviting a call to action of defenders of human and environmental rights to join us in Washington DC . January 18, 2019 (which is the day before the Women’s March ) will be the first step of uniting our communities, tribes, nations for a universal cry for justice from the grassroots level up. This march is the beginning of building strong coalitions to make our homes, families, and lands a safe, protected, and clean place to live. It starts with us!

Please join us and help bring awareness regarding the following;

Missing and Murdered Indigenous womenSince 2016 there are over 7,000 missing and murdered Indigenous women. Within the first 6 months of 2018 there are 2,758 women reported missing[TJ1] . Even within Latino communities there are over thousands of women in sex and human trafficking. We need to bring this genocide and modern-day slavery to a national and international platform.

Native Lives MatterFor every 1 million Native Americans, an average of 2.9 of them died annually from 1999 to 2015 as a result of a “legal intervention,” according to a CNN review of CDC data broken down by race. The vast majority of these deaths were police shootings. But a few were attributed to other causes, including manhandling. That mortality rate is 12% higher than for African-Americans and three times the rate of whites. This treatment of police brutality amongst Indigenous people must stop. With lack of awareness and resources, many Indigenous families aren’t getting the justice they deserve.

Honor Our earth…Respect Our TreatiesPresident Trump’s first order of business was to sign for the Dakota Access Pipeline and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Dakota Access Pipeline The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members have been fighting to stop the oil from flowing into the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAP). A camp of “water protectors” in the bayou of Louisiana are getting arrested as they protect their lands and bayou on the tail end of the Dakota Access pipeline that is currently being built.
  • The Keystone XL Pipeline will go along the Mississippi River and affect all of our water. Keystone scheduled to be built 2019, will illegally be scheduled to be built on Native American-owned lands and private landowners.

Big Bear Ears Monument Trump administration and investors are disregarding treaties to gain profit from a mining project. This project will destroy our Big Bear Ears monument, a sacred site to many Southwestern tribes.

The above noted are just a few of the occurrences where Trump is dishonoring our treaties to steal lands for profit. The government is also dishonoring tribal treaties due to the building of a wall near the US border. Hispanics are being denied and border tribes are being affected by the disregard of our historical agreements. Additionally, treaties are not honored in Caribbean communities (where Columbus set foot first and slaughtered millions of Indigenous peoples). Puerto Rico still hasn’t received the aide they need. We must unite to save our lands, waters and people.

Protect Our ChildrenFrom the Indian Welfare Act to Immigration, Indigenous children from Mexico, Central and South America are put in cages. They are also separated from their families and put into adoption agencies. Agencies are still coming into Native American reservations to illegally adopt and assimilate Native children. The treatment of Indigenous children is unlawful and we must save our children.


  • Indigenous Peoples March in Washington DC will occur on Friday, January 18, 2019 (day before the Women’s’ March on Washington) at 9am
  • Gathering location (T.B.A)
  • The Indigenous Peoples March in Washington DC is a grassroot efforts comprised of dozens of independent coordinators at the state and tribal level. The effort is helmed by a coalition of organizations, tribal councils, activists, influencers, media and youth leaders committee to make sure this march is a success.

The program on Friday, January 18, 2019 will feature voices from ALL Indigenous communities and nations that are involved in the injustices affecting Indigenous peoples. We will also feature cultural presentations of song, dance and prayer as well.


I’m not Indigenous, can I attend ?

Yes, The Indigenous Peoples March is for any person, regardless of gender or gender identity, race, nationality everyone who believes in Indigenous rights are human rights.

Will it be safe ? Can I bring my children? Will it be accessible for people with disabilities?

We have a team of experienced and professional national organizers working to ensure that every safety protocol is followed. We will release specific details on how to stay safe during your time in Washington as we draw closer to the date. The decision to bring your children is a personal one. We are recruiting volunteers to ensure there are qualified ASL interpreters. We are also planning access points for those that require a wheelchair , guiding blind, and mental health crisis care.

I want my organization to be involved. How can we join the mobilization ?

Please contact us at to discuss how your organization can join and support the Indigenous Peoples March.

I can’t attend in person, but I want to support the effort. How can I help?

For those that cannot travel to Washington DC but wish to organize or participate in a local march. Please email

You can also donate to help us make sure this march is a success.
How long should I stay?

Jan. 18 will be the Indigenous Peoples March, that night we are organizing a fundraising concert featuring known indigenous artists.

Jan 19 the Womens March will have the national march in Washington DC we all plan to attend. Please go to

Jan 20 we are organizing an Indigenous leadership meeting (location/time TBA)

Will there be a host hotel or group lodging?

We are securing a host hotel as well as churches for group lodging. Once we secure we will post it on all social media pages

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