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Independence Day By: Patty Stonefish

Independence Day By: Patty Stonefish

Independence Day, I know not what that means.

Your very own declaration is broken at it’s seams.

Blinded by nationalism and draped in the flag.

These colors bleed more than you say.

“Merciless Indian Savages” they wrote as we prayed for their dead.

“Whose known rule of warfare” —- excuse me, but you started the war here.

“undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.”

What were you doing when you mutilated our men?

What were you thinking while you raped our women?

What did you say as you held the scalp of a child?

These very words are in your declaration of your independence.

“all men are created equal” —- I guess that excluded the red savages.

So forgive me when I do not stand on Independence Day…

But this country does not stand for me.

By: Patty Stonefish