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I Feel Spiritually Assaulted by Pictures of the Carnage Happening in Gaza

By : Queen Sacheen

I respect life. I am a life giver. I know how it feels to carry many babies in my belly and under my heart; to feel those kicks and stirrings. To be at peace and to be one with the new journey of a new spirit. I know the utter enslavement and love of that brand new person deeply and intimately, for I am a mother. That love is so deep and wide that it actually hurts me- but what a blessing and a joy. Being a midwife, I have had the honor of being the first to touch new life and to place that new body on the mother’s chest, and bear witness to the excruciating depth of love a mother has for her newborn, as well as the terror and rage mothers have to protect our babies at all costs.

I respect the bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits of those who have passed into the spirit world over in Gaza… It breaks my heart. I was taught that life givers were never to look upon the dead. We are so precious and so sacred that unless it is an absolute MUST, we are not to be involved with death, and even then we were protected with medicines and prayers and cleansed right after against any lingering bad spirits. I understand the pain and utter horror of those who live there, who are in terror, experiencing anxiety, wondering if at any moment it would be their last moment. I pray with all my might for the Palestinians and what they are going thru. My mother’s heart, breasts, and womb is aching for those little ones who won’t ever feel the warmth of a mother’s and a father’s arms, wrapped around them again. I feel the terror and the pain of the little ones before their life force has been released from their flesh. I am not unfeeling nor am I unsympathetic. The parents whose babies are lost to them forever are in a state of such shock and horror that it would make a person lost to all reason and will.

So much life lost to mourn. Who are we to say why this is happening? What madness has taken over the leaders to wreak such havoc and unleash such bad medicine? Why has Obama decided to publicly back these mad men who seem bent on genocide and extermination? What is it about this spot on the planet that has made it so plagued for thousands of years by war and strife? I cannot say. No one can.

How is posting endless pictures of babies and little ones wounded, dying, or dead making it any more real? It cannot get more real than it is. How is posting lifeless bodies and grieving crying family members making it more real for those of us over here? I know in my heart that it is wrong. I know that we too went through genocide, and that it is still happening to us. I know with all my heart that what Obama is endorsing is wrong. What Obama has stated in being supportive to Israel is nothing short of a complete and utter disregard for Palestinian human life in Gaza. I know that what is happening over there is slaughter. I know that those who voted for Obama and put him in power are paying for their votes in human lives.

I can know all of this and join with all who oppose the Israeli state and support the people of Palestine, but looking upon the dead and wounded in pictures is bad medicine and goes against the teachings, my hahuupa, my snuwyulth, of all that I hold sacred. As a life giver, a mother, and a grandmother, it is my sacred duty to protect and uphold all that is living. Do not look away, but I must! Culturally and spiritually I must! There is nothing to gain from seeing this horror, it will not stop or change all that is happening, and while I can with my whole being be against the genocide, stand in solidarity, and cry,

Yes, cry, for those who have gone now to the Milky Way to be with their ancestors, I do not need to see the bodies to feel. I do not need to see blood for it to be made real to me. There is a form of madness that comes with killing and hatred and it infects all those who feed it willingly. It is not my place to say who can post what and why. It is not for me to censor anyone who feels that a point needs to be made in these harsh times. Yet out of respect for my teachings and way of life it is left to me to ponder and think of what I should do, if anything, about the pictorial proof of

the crimes against humanity that is happening overseas. To me and the ku us and xulmux people I come from, to look upon these images is not only disrespectful to the spirits of those who are gone to the spirit world but it’s harmful to us as well.

When I go online my spirit that has been dedicated to living a certain way is being exposed to harm in the form of these pictures. Smudge, pray, shed a tear, feel hopeless and helpless in the face of it all.

Is it for me to censor myself and take responsibility and not go online at all? Is it for me to hide all these people who post these things so I am not subjected to being spiritually assaulted? Is it for me to do nothing and wait till the insanity is over? I have no answers to these questions nor do I think I ever will. I accept that I go online and that what I see is my responsibility. I do not wish for anyone to censor themselves of feel censored by me. Yet…

We need to know what is happening in the global village. We need to know because right now on this planet we are in a time of knowledge equaling power, and the people taking back the power from those leaders who would lead us astray. Yet am I weak for being afraid and feeling anxiety over the pictures, for feeling it is disrespectful to the spirits of the dead? Am I being privileged or a pussy for feeling these emotions? Do not mistake me. I am against what is happening. I am serious when I pray for those who are being victimized and dying over there. I am enraged and horrified to know that humanity is a devil that is possessed over there and are committing these acts. Still… sometimes life is a bitch and one cannot unsee what has been seen. Damage is done. Maybe, just maybe, the truth of those pictures may change someone so deeply and profoundly that they take action and do something to help. So who am I to say anything about all of this? No one, I am a but one of 7 billion on this planet.