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Hostility In My Veins

By: Dana Lone Hill

I was born with hostility in my veins;

Flowing like dirty water down the street after it rains.

Dripping from my fingertips while I write;

Like the icicles hanging from my HUD house in the sunlight.

The hostility the government stirred into my people’s blood;

It was always there, but now it’s dirty as a puddle and thick as mud.

“How do we take care of them?” Mr. Govt. says;

“It was all supposed to be better when we put them on the rez.”

“That was supposed to civilize them, make them docile;

But what seems to have happened is we made them hostile?”

Mr. Govt. You can’t take the warrior out of our women and men;

You can’t cut our hair and expect us to not be what we’ve always been.

You put us on a reservation and call us savage;

Then you act shocked when we uprise and ravage.

We break your laws so you put us on the inside;

Then you act shocked when we still show our pride.

But you see, being on the inside is like being on a reservation;

And the way we act, is a part of your creation.

Remember that when you question why we are how we are;

The warrior in us will always come out like the evening’s first star.

Because you see, we was born with hostility in our veins;

Flowing down the street like dirty water after it rains…