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Finding a Home for Rosebud

By  :  Chase IronEyes

Courtesy Claire Kaiser

Rosebud White Plume is a Lakota woman with six children, living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She works for the Lakota media Project, mostly on a volunteer basis. The Lakota media project supports local activities to improve the situation on the reservation, as well as educate people around the world about Native American rights, and environmental protection. As in many cases the small amount of money she earns is not enough to live on. Her and her family just barely gets by month to month. Due to lack of funds Rosebud and her children had to live in a trailer home with faulty electrical wiring. Her father and other relatives tried to set the home up so that she and the children could all get out safely in case a fire broke out, something that could have happened at anytime. The faulty wiring eventually made it impossible to touch any appliance in the house without receiving an electrical shock. Rosebud needs a new home, a safe place to raise her children.

In an effort to help raise money to get Rosebud a new home Miha Mihelič, producer and film maker, has generously decided to donate 80 percent of the sales of his latest documentary film DVD, Our Story, to the project. Our Story is a  54′ documentary that briefly explains the history of the reservations in North America and the Indian boarding schools. How the Lakota people see the “modern world”? Filmed from 2009 to 2011 on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, Italy and Slovenia. Staring, among others, Alex White Plume, and Russell Means.

The film is also available with Slovenian or German subtitles. Sales inside of the US 12,90 USD plus shipping. Inside of Europe 14,70?. Shipping costs vary due to location.

If you would like to help Rosebud find a home, please contact us through email at Through facebook at or give us a call at 0049 5641 748 280.  All DVD´s must be ordered and paid for in advance through PayPal at  or through bank transfer.  You will receive a receipt for your purchase, and your DVD will be delivered in November 2012. If you wish to make an extra donation please feel free to do so. Together we can make this happen!  Thank you for your attention and support.