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Empty the Pipe Yards! Coalition Demands Minnesota to Empty Line 3 Pipe Yards

Empty the Pipe Yards! Coalition Demands Minnesota to Empty Line 3 Pipe Yards

12/9/17 Minnesota – A broad coalition of Native and environmental organizations are demanding that the state of Minnesota immediately remove Enbridge’s stockpile of pipelines it has placed at 11 locations throughout the state. Enbridge currently does not permits for its controversial Line 3 Tar Sands pipeline to build through Minnesota.

If built, Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline would transport Tar Sands oil over 1000-miles from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin with a capacity to transport up to 915,000 barrels per day. The proposed pipeline cuts directly through 1855 Treaty Territory of the Ojibwe Tribes.

The proposed pipeline expansion would be Enbridge’s largest project to date.

The coalition released the following statement:


Enbridge Energy has paid over 300 million dollars for all of the pipe that would be used for the Minnesota section of Line 3 pipeline and has already placed 60% of that pipe in 11 storage pipe yards across Minnesota. The rest of the pipe is coming in by rail and truck as we speak.

Permits for these storage yards are illegal and invalid. The permits are invalid because the MPCA’s Construction Stormwater General Permit, under which these pipe yards were authorized, requires all environmental review for the project to be completed before issuance. Also, the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) prohibits the issuance of any permits for new projects before the state’s environmental review is complete and deemed adequate.

The state is allowing Enbridge Energy to illegally prepare for the construction of the Line 3 expansion pipeline and they need to be held accountable. We demand that Enbridge demonstrate their support for a fair review process by acknowledging their non-compliance with MEPA and the CSW General Permit application prerequisites, terminating all relevant CSW permits, and removing their pipes from state boundaries. Otherwise, the MPCA should vacate the CSW permits and require Enbridge to remove their pipes from state boundaries.

We vow to take action and hold Enbridge Energy accountable for their illegally permitted storage yards. We stand in solidarity with and will show up to support the indigenous led frontline resistance against Line 3.”

*Evidence & More Information:


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by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle- Lakota)

Matt Remle (Lakota) is an editor and writer for Last Real Indians and LRInspire. follow at @wakiyan7