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An Ode to Frybread Love

By:  Chase Iron Eyes

Fry Bread and Wojapi, kisses so sloppily

Get in my belly, choke-cherries on toppa me

Fresh out the fryin pan, into the fire

Light, caramel, dark, takin me higher

First dip to last drop, taste got me wired

The darker the berry, the harder the fight

Let my guard down, it’s love at first bite

Can it get any better, probably-maybe-it just might

Your inner beauty, absorbing the essence

Blueberries all on me, all in my presence

I knead u, more than words can say, I knead u now

When we rise like dough, love shows me how

Your taste is solid and sweet; simplicity

No chances, no circumstance; pure synchronicity

It was meant to be, you’re guilty as me, complicitly

Driven to sinnin, possessed by obsession

Give me delicious; take my worldly possessions

If loving is wrong, here’s my confession

Can it get any better? Probly-maybe-it just might

They say white ain’t right, dark honey on u, brown enough right?

Fill me with butterflies like fight or flight

Fascinate my senses like fireflies at night

Round and brown or diamond in the middle

Soft to the touch, not rigid and brittle

No matter what they say, I’m still with u I miss u

Whether appeteaser, Dessert or entree

You’re sweet on me, any day, all day

I don’t discriminate, all colors shapes and sizes

I’m focused again, with eyes on the prizes

Brown skin graces my lips, intoxicating brew

Come to me to touch, I want u to count coup.