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Affirmative Action: At the Intersection of Politics & Education, Article Co-Authored by Lastrealindians’ Ruth Hopkins

By  :  Ruth Hopkins

In fall 2012, politics and education will again collide head-on when Fisher v. University of Texas will be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case involves Abigail Noel Fisher who claims she was not admitted to the University of Texas at Austin because she is white.

The eight people deciding the affirmative action case are handpicked by presidents; thus, the direct intersection of politics and education. Supreme Court Justices serve for life or until they decide to retire. There are nine justices but Associate Justice Elena Kagan has disqualified herself to avoid a conflict of interest, because she was the U.S. Solicitor General when the Justice Department filed a brief in the Fisher case with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  READ THE REST HERE: