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A Hidden Language by Damon Corrie

A Hidden Language by Damon Corrie

When this ordinary candle burned down to the last, it erupted into a large flame, and as I took snapshots of that large flame at 1 second intervals, because a voice told me to do so – to ‘learn something hidden’…so I did and I captured dozens of letters, each one different and no two the same, which to most ancient language exerts I have shown – to be letters from an ancient language they do not know, but similar to some ancient languages they do.

One difference between RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY is this example…Religion tells you at best – a candle used in prayer is ordinary but the candle flame can be a representation of the light of God in your mind if that comforts you.

However, spirituality tells me that – just as all the ancient holy mystics said..’words are hidden and revealed in prayer flames’…just not any language you know, a far more ancient one…I daresay the original one…for which every ‘letter’ has meaning and power of its own…you might describe it as ”the language of creation” uttered at the beginning of time and space as we perceive it in our multiverse….the ignorant will laugh because they have not developed the capacity to comprehend such mysteries….but wisdom is not gifted to fools (obviously).

I share with you now a FEW of the ancient letters revealed in the prayer flame of one ordinary candle last night, as I took snapshots every second to record them so I can write them down. One day mankind will realise that religion keeps you at a primary school level of supernatural abilities and understanding, whereas spirituality (that religion attempts to eradicate all over the world – and maybe you see why now?) allows you to attain a University level grasp by contrast.

PS – And for all the silly Christians who equate flames with ”evil” and ‘hell-fire”…did not God itself appear to Moses as a burning bush? Therefore – God was fire in that case, and did not tongues of flame come down from heaven on to the heads of every disciple of Jesus? I rest my case.

Because just looking at the large flame revealed nothing unusual, only by following the advice of the voice, did I learn that still photos of the flame revealed everything your eyes cannot see normally.

By Damon Corrie

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