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The Real Criminals

By : Trace A. DeMeyer We must understand history to see where we’ve been and where we are today to face the future. The effects on STOLEN GENERATIONS are still being felt in 2012.  In Indian Country, Native adoptees are still called Lost Birds or Split Feathers or Lost Ones.  Many adult adoptees are still lost to their families and tribal nations. A lost child will remain lost with sealed adoption records. Today’s legislators and lawmakers obviously do not know or recognize the crimes committed against Indian people that still affect us. As I discussed in my books, many children were stolen, literally abducted.  This was legal since it was done with the government’s approval, programs and funding.  Those social workers who drove to reservations and snatched children were never charged with kidnapping.  Some siblings were taken but then split up in foster care and later adoptions.  How did this serve the children?  It didn’t. Some Native mothers were pressured in hospitals to give up their newborn babies to...

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Dr. Phil’s Hollywood-ized Adoption Propaganda

By  :  Trace A. DeMeyer Watching clips of today’s episode (10-18-12) of Dr. Phil, watching those teary adoptive parents show their anger, outrage and despair over losing their babies because of some (ridiculous) (unjust) Indian Child Welfare Act, I knew right away this was going to be a one-sided show touting the benefits of adoption, even if they had a few Indian experts on the show, too. Dr. Phil was obviously not allowing enough time to teach about ICWA and the wholesale removal of Indian Children in Canada and America, ethnic cleansing via non-Indian adoptions, or explaining why Indian children are called Stolen Generations. Until I wrote my memoir, I couldn’t find much information in one place and had to dig pretty deep. That’s another reason why I wrote two books hoping it will counter such ignorance and this Hollywood-ized adoption propaganda that still dominates TV. As I watched, it was obvious how young adoptees being Indian citizens didn’t really matter to the non-Indians parents who adopted them.  All they really cared...

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