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Making Fire

By: Randi Rourke Barreiro About a month ago, a client of Sky Woman Media pointed at me during a meeting and said, “I like the way she thinks.” I overheard someone gush to a client that experiencing her presentation was life-changing. These words are seared into my memory because I’m learning that staying focused on the positive is essential to successful self-employment. When I get discouraged, I remember that someone somewhere values and appreciates my hard work. As a mother of three, I find myself repeating this out loud to no one in particular, especially during– and immediately after– toddler diaper mishaps. The admin process is . . . meh. Too much paperwork, not enough time. Too many questions, not enough competent customer service. Too many bills, not enough cash. Way too much self-doubt, not nearly enough Cherry Garcia. The next thing I know, there’s a Tribal dba certificate on my office wall, Articles of Incorporation in the file, clients are making referrals, and the company’s bank account has...

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