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I Feel Spiritually Assaulted by Pictures of the Carnage Happening in Gaza

By : Queen Sacheen I respect life. I am a life giver. I know how it feels to carry many babies in my belly and under my heart; to feel those kicks and stirrings. To be at peace and to be one with the new journey of a new spirit. I know the utter enslavement and love of that brand new person deeply and intimately, for I am a mother. That love is so deep and wide that it actually hurts me- but what a blessing and a joy. Being a midwife, I have had the honor of being the first to touch new life and to place that new body on the mother’s chest, and bear witness to the excruciating depth of love a mother has for her newborn, as well as the terror and rage mothers have to protect our babies at all costs. I respect the bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits of those who have passed into the spirit world over in Gaza… It breaks my...

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Warrior Up

By : Queen Sacheen Hy’cheka Ciem, to the lekwungen and the Chiefs and Matriarchs of the people who’s land is hosting us this day! Ociem to your house and the fire within! umacla Xhopakelxhit, daughter of T’teyun, head of the house of Thunder and Lightning from the Musqueam xumulx. Wife to Gwaiina of the house of Seicthumalthnee, from the Ahousaht Ku us. We are grateful to be here, it is an honor truly and I ask our collective ancestors to protect us all! To be among the last of those speaking is a good thing, it means that those who stayed and persevered are the ones who need to hear our message the most, and may be the people we are looking for. I will speak to the bigger picture. We know oil, gas, mining, logging, tankers, fish farms and consumerism are bad, awareness has been raised. Let’s quit wasting money on raising awareness and focus now, everyone who is willing to work on the answer is AWAKE! Intellectually...

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