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The Native Voter

By : Prairie Rose Seminole Hi, my name is Prairie Rose Seminole and I’m a voter. It wasn’t expected that my life lead down this path, and it could happen to you too! I’m not a typical voter. I am a native voter, and that makes me special. Exactly how special, no one knows; the census bureau doesn’t track the Native vote, nor does the North Dakota Secretary of State. Frankly, I don’t know of any state or national office that tracks how significant our vote really is. In the past I’ve been told that campaigns just don’t have the resources to engage me, or my community, and in reality I believe that to be indicative of a larger issue. A systemic acceptance, that our vote doesn’t make a difference. Historically, we could perceive that’s true based on the actions of elected officials and the realities we face in our communities and the tendency for little or no resources of any government, candidate, or party voter outreach to be...

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