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A Vantage Point on Victimhood and Historical Trauma – At Least for Today

By: Dani Daugherty Full disclosure here: Charles “Chuck” Trimble is my grandfather. His older sister, Bessie, is my mother’s mother and she was one of the good people in my life that played a key role in literally saving my life, but I digress. My grandfather, Chuck, writes a column you see regularly in the media and he certainly has detractors and advocates. One area he gives a lot of column space to is rallying against victimhood– or the tendency by some Indians to examine their actual or perceived personal and generational trauma, or historical grief, to the point where it inhibits forward progress. I know my grandfather would be very happy to know I don’t always agree with everything he writes. I don’t always read every column of his, but I try to when I see them. I hadn’t seen one of his articles, but did see the rebuttal article my friend, Chase Iron Eyes, posted on his Facebook Monday night. The rebuttal article was written by a...

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